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WHAT'S YOUR GOLD / 2017 -  

In his most recent WHAT'S YOUR GOLD production, Marc Lessard sets a tone by bringing popular culture and business together. In this exposition, Lessard shows a particular interest in deconstructing brand images by introducing his own message that gold is here to stay; an idea that is reinforced by the word play of “In Gold We Trust” in the background instead of “In God We Trust”. Despite new types of virtual currencies, Marc Lessard uses a creative process to share the message that gold is here today and will always be here. He therefore leaves a trace of this precious metal on each of his canvases by applying 24K gold leaves. In these works, Lessard combines collage, spray paint, acrylic paint, pencils, and paint markers. The result of which are original, one-of-a-kind works.

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All Artworks © Marc Lessard

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